quancho travels PC​/​/​MAC_KOREA (sun young / BIGBUCKHUNTER tour split)

by sun young

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Miwako my mom found out she had breast cancer so i relate to this a lot Favorite track: Sun Young - Mommy.
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released November 6, 2014


tags: rock pop sun Boston


all rights reserved


sun young Boston, Massachusetts

maeke tem prants maeke then baike tayk it all


Damien Scalise-guitar, vocals
John Cushing-bass, vocals
Jeff Balter-drums, vocals


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Track Name: Sun Young - Sun Theme
we gave birth to the sun and its still young its still young its just a lil baby boi

we r made from the stars but theyre so far theyre so far well probly never see em

sun sun sun sun sun sun sun sun sun
baby babi babies
Track Name: Sun Young - Mommy
dad tells me my mommys gonna die and then i started crying
he said kid y'got t dry yer eyes we really gotta try for mommy


im afraid my mommys gonna die and i dont wanna try no more
she says she is not afraid to die and i dont think shes lyin even tho
shes lied before

i cant take care of myself
i need mommys help

i need help
Track Name: Sun Young - Come
how can i make something matter? make them take notice? of what i have done is done then theres no more but maybe theres more
i really dont know

you cant say no why not say yes? even though your best friends make u feel weird and yer so out of place but theres no place for you

how can i care more about me and less about you? no i dont mean anyone i dont care about words i dont care about names i just want to sleep

is not sleep if your still awake and a creep is only a creep if you dont like him and my roof is 3 stories high do you think id make it?

i am come i am come coming

im coming
Track Name: Sun Young - Hell is a Place Like Cherry Valley
dont go home i want more
give me some im so bored

passd lies as truth to get inside you
you felt good like god said u would

were opening and it might look bad
but its okay hells just a place

if hells just a place that you can go then ill smile
caus fuck knowing
and if sex is just a thing and were gonna die
then why should i care?
Track Name: Sun Young - Pour Your Own Milk
i am thirsty i need something
i cannot speak i need nursing

oh so you pour your own milk? (oh so u pour your own...)

i cry loudly i shit proudly
you cant help me i need no teat

oh so you pour your own milk? (oh so u pour your own...)

(oh so you pour your own........